There are clothes that absolutely cannot be missing in a fashionable man's wardrobe. One of them is oversize sweatshirt . This is something you can't even think about, you have to have it, or preferably more than one. Just a few years ago, men were only allowed to wear long coats, while long sweaters, tunics and long sweatshirts were the domain of women.

Fortunately, the unisex trend is becoming more and more popular, so men can wear comfortable, loose, oversized sweatshirts that look appropriately eccentric and a bit mysterious. And most importantly for every guy - such a sweatshirt is warm and practical, it can successfully replace a light jacket. You can quickly put it on when going for an evening walk, either with your dog, alone, or perhaps in some nice company.

Fashion is changing, but not as dramatically as we sometimes imagine. What seems groundbreaking and innovative today probably already existed in a slightly changed form. It is worth returning to cuts that have proven themselves many times over the years.

Unsimple simplicity

It would seem that if you want to design a dark oversized men's sweatshirt, there is not much new you can come up with. Browsing through the rich collection of, it turns out that nothing could be further from the truth. When there are no colorful decorations or accessories involved, because according to current trends, the simpler the better, it turns out that simplicity can also be complicated. Each black oversize differs from another in its cut, length and number of pockets. In line with current trends, thick stitching is present in most models.

Few designers give up the hood on a men's sweatshirt, realizing its functionality, but it still happens. Sweatshirts are usually fastened with a zipper, sometimes with buttons, sometimes with both, or with nothing at all. Many models are simple, but designers are clearly tempted by asymmetry and there is nothing surprising about it - everyone looks good in asymmetric sweatshirts.

July 11, 2023