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Take a look at our magazine and find out about what's new in the world of fashion

Rewolucja w modzie: Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga teraz dostępna w

Rewolucja w modzie: Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga teraz dostępna w

W sklepie z dumą prezentujemy jedną z najbardziej oczekiwanych kolaboracji w świecie mody - Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga. To wyjątkowe połączenie dwóch ikon stylu miejskiego i innowacyjnego designu...
Markowe ubrania jako świąteczne prezenty: porady i inspiracje

Branded clothes as Christmas gifts: tips and inspiration

Christmas is a magical time when we want to give our loved ones something special that will reflect our care and attention. In this context, branded clothes are an excellent...
December 06, 2023
Jak zabezpieczyć buty przed przemakaniem? Porady eksperta

How to protect your shoes from getting wet? Expert advice

Introduction: Have you ever come home with wet feet after a walk in the rain? Soaking shoes are not only uncomfortable, but they can also shorten the life of your...
Do czego nosić bezrękawnik damski - Top 10 Pomysłów

What to wear a women's tank top - Top 7 Ideas

A women's tank top is an extremely versatile piece of clothing that deserves a place in every woman's wardrobe. Its universality makes it not only a fashionable accessory, but also...
Black Week w

Don't miss it! The hottest Black Week offers on

Are you ready for the biggest shopping madness of the year? Black Week at is a time when fashion meets amazing deals. We have prepared for you an overview...
Trendy Jesień-Zima 2023/2024 – Odkryj paletę kolorów dominujących w tym sezonie

Trends Fall-Winter 2023/2024 – Discover the palette of colors dominating this season

As the days grow shorter and the night air carries the first whispers of winter, our wardrobes inevitably reflect this change of seasons. Autumn is like an artist's canvas, gradually...
November 08, 2023
Zalety zakupów w markowych outletach w czasie spowolnienia gospodarczego

Advantages of shopping in branded outlets during the economic slowdown

During the economic slowdown, finding ways to economically manage the budget while maintaining high quality purchases becomes a priority for many consumers. It is in times like these that shopping...
Kolekcje Pinko

Discover the magic of autumn with Pinko: practical advice and inspiration

Autumn is not only a season, but also a state of mind that is reflected in our fashion choices. When the days become shorter and the air is filled with...
October 20, 2023
markowe buty na jesień

The most fashionable shoes for fall and winter 2023/2024: Trend overview

When the first cold winds herald the arrival of autumn and the streets are covered with a colorful carpet of fallen leaves, we take out warmer clothes from the wardrobe,...
Sukienki na lato 2023

Dresses for summer 2023 - The return of the retro elegance of the 1950s and Scandinavian minimalism

With the arrival of summer 2023, fashion trends are starting to take shape and we are eagerly awaiting the latest cuts and styles. This year, summer fashion focuses on two...
July 24, 2023
Jak nosić oversize? Przełam klasykę odrobiną nonszalancji

How to wear oversize? Break the classics with a bit of nonchalance

Fashion is like a language - dynamic, evolving and full of diversity. One of the most exciting trends that have gained popularity in recent years is oversize fashion. But how...
Modne szorty na lato -  propozycje od marek premium

Fashionable shorts for summer - proposals from premium brands

Fashionable shorts for summer - proposals from premium brands What do we associate most with the holiday season when it comes to fashion? Certainly, most women will say that these...