Chloe is a French fashion house that has been operating on the market since 1952. He is known for working with designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney. This is a brand created for subtle but independent women. Many Polish models work with Chloe, including: Anja Rubik and Kasia Struss, who identify with nonchalance and individualism.


Chloe's offer includes: wide selection of sunglasses . All models perfectly fit the classic style of Parisians, but there are also something more extravagant. We are talking about a version with heart-shaped or even hexagon-shaped frames. The most popular are large and round glasses, which have become the flagship model of this fashion house. At the same time, Chloe's symbol is delicacy, hence the small and neutral decorations on the glasses. Of course, apart from the design, price and quality also matter. Please remember that the brand is luxurious, so its products are made with the greatest care. The frames include very solid metal, plastic or acetate variants, something for people who love ecology. It is a material of natural origin, consisting of natural cotton and wood fibers. In addition, the lenses are made of nylon and additionally covered with a special coating that protects the eyes against harmful UV radiation.


Chloe is characterized primarily by femininity and delicacy, which is especially visible in the case of fragrances of this brand. The iconic Chloe eau de parfum is a composition based on floral notes. It contains magnolia, rose, lily of the valley, peony and juniper. This makes it both subtle and sensual. This is a very romantic version that is perfect for everyday use and an evening date. Another seductive fragrance is Love Story. Its base is fruits such as pears, lemons, grapefruits, currants and peaches. It is a very warm and charming eau de parfum, and its bottle looks perfect on an elegant dressing table. Other beautifully scented cosmetics from this brand include eau de toilette, including Roses de Chloe. Made from rose petals combined with peach, bergamot, tarragon and lemon. This combination makes it an extremely fresh fragrance that is the right choice for any occasion.


The most popular handbags of the Chloe fashion house are "it bags", i.e. the most desirable handbags in the world. The French fashion house defines the concept of luxury, and the most famous model has become a cult model is the Paddington. The classic version in neutral colors delights not only Parisians, but women from all over the world.
With each collection, Chloe introduces something new and Faye is definitely one to watch out for. Its balanced character and shape make it fit every taste and complement casual styling. Drew is the answer to the needs of minimalists, and delicate and golden finishes give an elegant form. Chloe is strongly associated with jewelry decorations that do not exclude comfort of use, as evidenced by the Hudson bag. This is a completely different version of the fashion house, which introduces the boho style to French salons. These are luxury products, which is why they are made with great attention to the quality of materials and finishes.