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The Lamarthe brand comes from the center of world fashion - Paris. Almost every designer wants to equip their models (and male models) with: stylish and elegant bags this exclusive icon of leather goods. If you keep up to date with fashion curiosities and news, your wardrobe should include the world-famous models of this brand.

How was the Lamarthe brand created?

The founder of the brand was Alfred Lamarthe, who in 1930 created a brand with an unusual logo - a unicorn. How did you come to that? The creator was looking for an imaginary, mythical animal that could symbolize at the same time femininity and elegance . So he decided that only a unicorn met these criteria.

Initially, the company created small accessories in Italy. The first Lamarthe brand store was opened in Paris in 1936. Since then, every famous designer eagerly uses Lamarthe collections to complement their creations.

Lamarthe was the first in history to use it ZIP on natural leather. This solution revolutionized the market leather goods .

Lamarthe brand – top-shelf style and elegance

Designers spare no expense in creating it handbags and clutch bags top quality which thanks timeless classic They will be perfect in any situation, regardless of current trends.

The most recognizable model from Lamarthe is Portofino . The first collection saw the light of day in 1999 and has become a permanent fixture in the fashion world as a must-have for every elegant styling. Every year, designers create different variants of this model, adapted to the currently dominant style.

Each model has a characteristic distinguishing feature. For example, the domain of the Ballerina collection is leather bow , while Secret series handbags abound in animal patterns , and the Bijoux model is full of figure decorations beads .

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Lamarthe handbags are characterized by: a classic with a modern twist . They are an important addition to any bold outfit, expressing a sense of feminine style and taste.

Of course, the Lamarthe brand also offers interesting accessories for men. We will find there, among others: Formal bags, handbags, luggage , in business style and for everyday styling. Always elegant, made of the highest quality leather and accessories.

In our off-price store you will find proposals tailored to your style. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of products offered by the Lamarthe brand.