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Looking at the brand Fracomina , you can see why Italy is famous for its family-owned, internationally recognized clothing companies. If a story begins in 1931, you can assume it will be long and fascinating. It was then that Gerardo Prisco founded a company that distributed textiles. Over the years, it began producing clothing for other brands. In 1994, the founder's sons decided to use their previous experience and launch their own companies in the "ready-fashion" sector. In 2004, 73 years after Gerardo Prisco founded the business, the brand was born in the next generation Fracomina . Clothes manufactured in Italy, but meeting the needs of customers around the world, quickly became popular among customers and consolidated the company's position on the competitive market. In 2010, the Fracomina Mini children's collection appeared. The following years saw international advertising campaigns, better and better collections, and the opening of a showroom in Milan. Gerardo Prisco would certainly be proud of the development that his descendants have set their sights on.

Fracomina: trousers, coats, dresses and much more

Business Fracomina likes to emphasize that it offers the most fashionable clothes at favorable prices. Let's say more - by visiting our store, you have the opportunity to take advantage of even better outlet promotions. Fracomina pants , coats , dresses , blouses , tops and shoes - these are the basic clothes in the product range of the Italian company. They are distinguished by original design and good, diverse materials, as befits the 100% made in Italy label.
Everyday fashion with a pinch of sophistication? These are the main assumptions of designers focused around the brand Fracomina Italy . Reaching for timelessly fashionable jeans, complemented, for example, with applications and staying in the most fashionable atmosphere means that the brand is slowly starting to break into the public consciousness also in Poland. Fashionable and practical accessories at affordable prices are also very popular - scarves, scarves, bags, gloves and hats. Dress fashionably for any season at off-price prices.

Fracomina Italy designs – fashion and comfort

The brand stays up to date with current trends, including playing with colors and not avoiding bold designs. Designers know how important the selection of appropriate materials is for comfort and image. Fracomina offers what so many people are looking for: an affordable price and at the same time an original look combined with everyday comfort. Thanks to the clothes we have collected in this category, you will be prepared for work, a date or just a casual outing with family or friends.
Clothes and accessories made with Italian finesse by a company whose extensive market experience allows it to function very sensibly and to the benefit of the customer, have the right to be liked. Fracomina at ubierzsie.com you have the perfect selection in every season and you can be sure that you are making a profitable purchase. Love the timeless ideas of the Italian company that specializes in jeans and ready-to-wear fashion. Also take advantage of the fact that the brand is not yet very popular and therefore common among Polish women.

Fashionable clothes for every budget: Fracomina outlet

We know how important a role fashion plays in every woman's life. Clothes worn every day, but also for more important occasions, are intended not only to highlight the advantages of your figure, but also to express your style, character and personality. Individual items of clothing should look beautiful, but also be comfortable. And these are the designs of the Italian brand Fracomina Italy . Regardless of whether your choice falls on Fracomina trousers , blouse or dress, you can be sure that you will feel comfortable and fashionable in clothes from this brand. The advantage of the brand's clothes Fracomina there is also an affordable price, which means that everyone can afford branded clothes. The Ubierzsie.com store has prepared brand clothes for its customers Fracomina at even lower, off-price prices that you will surely like. Fracomina Italy – clothes of this Italian brand are at your fingertips!