Christian Dior , founder of the Dior brand and fashion house, is one of the most important figures in the history of world fashion. Born in 1905 in France, the designer has always been interested in art. Thanks to his talent, perseverance and outstanding personality, he founded his first fashion house in 1946.
Initially, the brand caused a wave of controversy in the fashion of that time, but over time it grew from a revolutionary to the rank of a precursor and authority in its industry. Thanks to Christian Dior's innovative approach, French and world fashion has undergone a remarkable transformation over the course of several years.

Christian Dior – an immortal trendsetter

Currently Dior is one of the giants of world fashion. The brand absolutely loves red carpets, where it has become a permanent presence, both in women's and men's fashion, and Dior accessories they are often the center of attention of journalists and photographers, during cinema premieres and fashion shows.

In addition to the collection of women's and men's clothing, the brand is currently also known for its unique, characteristic sunglasses and many other interesting accessories, as well as perfumes and cosmetics. In Dior boutiques you can also find children's collections, and in selected places also decorations and notebooks with the brand's logo.

Red carpet accessories – Dior sunglasses

As Christian Dior himself used to say, an elegant woman should never give up accessories. It is impossible not to agree with the master's words; unique Dior accessories they give a unique style and emphasize the natural beauty of every woman.

Dior glasses it is now one of the brand's hallmarks. Unique accessories with a characteristic shape are loved by world-famous stars such as Madonna and Beyonce.

Self-confidence, style and class - this is what you can read from the look of the person dressed in Dior glasses . There is something extraordinary hidden in their unusual shapes, and perfectly selected details additionally emphasize their unique character.

Dior sunglasses is not only a synonym of unique style, but also a guarantee of the highest quality of workmanship. Created with elegance and comfort in mind, they are an absolutely essential accessory for every woman.

Our assortment includes face models of Dior glasses that perfectly fit any type of face, emphasizing its natural, aesthetic values.

Classic glasses with round frames that will work well as a tasteful addition to both elegant and more casual outfits. Extremely feminine, with a subtle form, in a version with a delicate gold frame or a slightly wider brown lens frame.

Pilot glasses, with an interesting shape, intended for lovers of unconventional fashion solutions. They are a unique culmination of a vintage wardrobe as well as a modern style. The unique shape of the glasses combined with narrow brown frames with an animal motif are a unique combination that cannot go unnoticed. It is a perfect choice for official events and casual social gatherings.

Dior glasses with aviator frames - one of a kind, topped with gold details. An excellent choice for those who value originality. Strong features of the glasses, additional reinforcement above the bridge and wide temples create a unique model that attracts many attention.

All models are made of the highest quality materials, resistant to all types of damage and scratches. Thanks to their construction and precision of workmanship, the glasses are also prepared for intensive use, making them a stylish and reliable accessory for years.

We also provide each pair with a branded case!

A unique style with a noticeable revolutionary touch is something that cannot be missing in your wardrobe. Discover the unique collection Dior sunglasses and choose the perfect ones for yourself!