Toy G is a brand originating from Italy, which in itself imposes standards that should be followed. Although it is not very famous, it delights with subsequent collections that confirm that clothes emphasizing femininity can be universal and comfortable.
The youthful lightness of fabrics and patterns, intriguing colors and the diversity of subsequent collections mean that many customers simply cannot ignore Toy G. The goal of the creative design team is to create clothes that are universal, perfect for every day, both for work and for going out in your free time. Regardless of age, you can highlight what is the essence of femininity in your individual understanding. The brand gives freedom of interpretation, and its individual clothes encourage experimentation and your own exploration, without imposing clear solutions.

Toy-G is not only about leather biker jackets and floral dresses

In our store you will find many stylish propositions signed by the Toy G brand. A long, straight cardigan is perfect for slightly colder days. Leather biker jackets attract the attention of not only fans of motorcycle fashion. Simple styles of long dresses emphasize femininity and are perfect for any occasion with family, friends or colleagues. The shirts are comfortable, but also have creative elements. Sweaters break patterns through colors and patterns, and at the same time are comfortable and warm. Jackets and coats are exemplary examples of universal, seasonal outerwear. You can list the advantages of individual clothes in this category for a long time, but they all have in common that they are made of high-quality fabrics and have a stylish, original design.
Remember to check the availability of specific sizes before placing an order. As a premium outlet, we cannot always guarantee full sizes - rather single pieces, which you should not think about too long, just order them while they are available. Is it worth it financially? The best answer to this question is the scale of discounts provided. Over 60 or even 70% discount on expensive Italian clothes makes a difference. Instead of spending over PLN 1,000 on one piece of clothing, you can save several hundred zlotys by spending it, for example, on a few other things from our off-price store .
We believe that by regularly expanding our assortment with new, selected brands and their collections, we contribute to the popularization of fashion among Polish clients. The Toy G brand has not yet gained the popularity it deserves, so it is worth getting to know it better. If you can't find a stationary store near your home, order a blouse, dress or jacket online and save up to several hundred zlotys.
For each product in this category, you will find a detailed description. Materials, cuts, purpose – all this matters when shopping online. Italian style does not have to be expensive, but it can fit perfectly into everyday clothes for work or leisure activities. It is definitely worth making friends with the Toy G brand!