James Taffin de Givenchy was born in 1927, in the city of Beauvais. Already as a small child, he was interested in materials, cuts and had a great aesthetic sense. When he was only 10 years old, he was convinced that the fashion world was meant for him! He was constantly developing and expanding his passions. He began studying at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts school in Paris. His great dream was to work alongside the great authority Cristóbal Balenciaga. Unfortunately, he did not manage to get this job. However, young Givenchy did not give up. After many unsuccessful attempts, Jacques Fath, one of the most influential haute couture designers, became his teacher. The next step was to start sewing with the greatest designers such as Robert Piguet, Lucien Lelong and the Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli. It was with the Italian designer that he obtained permanent employment as an art director. Thanks to this, it became an important part of the Parisian fashion catwalks.

Givenchy accessories - the peak of elegance and good taste

Prêt-à-porter is the first luxury collection on the designer's account. The collection was a huge success and thanks to it, Givenchy became the most influential designer of his time. However, the creator did not rest on his laurels, because at the end of the 1960s he launched his first men's collection, Gentleman Givenchy. The designs he created were modern, but retained elegance and simplicity. Thanks to such connections, he gained a loyal group of fans. He always cared about the quality of finishing and the smallest details. His outfits were in the wardrobes of stars such as Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy. However, it was Audrey Hepburn who turned out to be his greatest fashion inspiration.

What makes the Givenchy brand unique?

There are probably many features that distinguish this brand. The main ones include simplicity and elegance combined with classic style. Givenchy he created things that became timeless. Despite the passage of time, his designs are still with us today. These include: a classic trench coat with a belt, flat shoes (ballet flats), a classic "little black dress" and oversize dresses. However, his biggest hit were "oversized" sunglasses.

Givenchy sunglasses - a style of Parisian elegance

Sunglasses are treated as one of the most important elements of clothing, not only in the summer. They complement any styling and have become a fashionable must-have! Givenchy has made every effort to diversify standard glasses.
Givenchy brought modernity to its designs. It is to him that we owe a little more, oversize glasses , not just sunglasses. Extravagance, Parisian style, charm and elegance - these features perfectly describe his designs! No wonder his vision became popular all over the world. The offer includes various styles. Rounded fronts of the frames, metallic decorations and the iconic pattern of the so-called "cat's eyes". Numerous shapes and colors allow you to match the right frames to any type of beauty. Distinctive style Givenchy is visible in every collection.