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Elisabetta Franchi - femininity and style

Clothes can be produced anywhere in the world, but for many reasons, clothes and footwear from fashion capitals are more interesting. It is not without reason that the headquarters of the greatest designers are located in France or Great Britain. Another country of this type is Italy, where many top fashion houses come from - including Elisabetta Franchi . Our online store offers many clothes and accessories of this brand, available at favorable prices.

Elisabetta Franchi – ubierzsie.com premium outlet

It all started in 1998, when Elisabetta Franchi from Bologna entered the market with the brand CELYN bi won the hearts of Italian women by storm. In 2012, she decided to rebrand and promote the collection under her own name. Year by year, she developed her collections, looking for new niches to fill. Thanks to her proposals, women can always dress fashionably, stylishly, and at the same time comfortably and appropriately to various circumstances.

Elisabetta Franchi – dresses and much more

Today, Elisabetta Franchi branded clothing is not limited only to the basic elements of a woman's wardrobe dresses Whether shorts , but also includes accessories such as bags and shoes. You can easily imagine ordering a total-look styling, consisting of a combination of individual clothes from the brand's offer. They reflect the philosophy of the designer, who has been involved in environmental protection and treating animals with respect for years. An ecological approach seems to be a hallmark Elisabetta Franchi. Dresses of this brand are among the most sought after by lovers of the combination of subtlety, high-quality fabrics and good style. Most importantly, the collections meet both the everyday and unique needs of women who are aware of their aesthetic needs.
By choosing the Elisabetta Franchi brand, you can feel feminine and comfortable in a variety of situations - from a meeting at work, through a date, to important celebrations. The offer includes elegant and bold styles. The highest quality materials contribute to the pleasure of using Italian clothes.

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Check out what this unique Italian designer has to offer, a woman who has been inspiring the world of fashion for almost 20 years. Love the simplicity of colors and original cuts. Feel special by reaching for exclusive offers straight from one of the fashion capitals. Experience the benefits of choosing a minimalist outfit or a more elaborate one when such an occasion arises. Does "EF" remain in the top of contemporary fashion houses? Of course! These are collections eagerly chosen by women of all ages.
We invite you to check out the offer of clothes and accessories from the Italian brand Elisabetta Franchi. The ubierzsie.com online store guarantees successful shopping and endless satisfaction from creating new fashionable styles, so we also encourage you to get to know our stylish proposals. accessories .