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John Galliano

Galliano is one of the most interesting brands in the fashion world. It owes its popularity not only to its original style, but above all to the extraordinary, extremely controversial biography of the brand's founder, who today... has been removed from the company. Can you buy luxury goods under the Galliano brand in Poland? The ubierzsie.com store is just such a place - what's more, we offer particularly high and favorable discounts, including: for exclusive shoes in which you will attract the attention of every passer-by!

John Galliano was born in late 1960, in Gibraltar, England. He grew up in London from the age of 6, studying fashion design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design from 1981 to 1984. Even then, the British National Theater as well as fashionable boutiques were interested in his first collections. In the 1980s, Galliano developed a luxury brand with business outfits, but went bankrupt. The popularity was influenced only by contacts with the editors of "Vouge" and "Vanity Fair". He rose to the top, among others. sewing the entire collection using just one bolt of fabric.

John Galliano - bold clothing and shoe designs

In 1995, he started working at Givenchy as chief designer. In turn, in the years 1997–2011 he worked in a similar capacity at the Christian Dior fashion house. He quickly became known as a supporter of mixing styles, specific simplicity and love for past eras. Eclectic tendencies resulting in market success have also been appreciated by the industry. Galliano was British Designer of the Year in 1987, 1994, 1995 and 1997. In 2001, he received the Order of the British Empire from Elizabeth II.

However, fame is fleeting. In 2011, Galliano became the object of extremely strong criticism after recordings and reports about the designer's anti-Semitic and racist behavior, as well as statements in which, under the influence of alcohol, he praised Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust, circulated around the world. The scandal caused, among other things, fired from his job at Dior (his place was taken by Marc Jacobs). However, the designer was supported by models: Naomi Campbell, who arranged for him to stay in an American rehab clinic, and Kate Moss, who commissioned her to design a wedding dress.

Nowadays, Galliano has been given a second chance by various fashion houses and is again designing even more extravagant outfits. The brand itself, which debuted on the market in 1984, belongs to a huge concern LVMH , and the company is headed by Bill Gaytten. What are Galliano collections inspired by? First of all, urban fashion, high-quality materials, vivid colors and unusual cuts. Everyone will find suggestions here tailored to their individual expectations - especially if they like to shock and provoke with their clothes. The relatively high price of individual clothes and shoes is accompanied by the highest quality and durability.