For every elegant man, choosing a jacket is as important as choosing any other piece of clothing. And maybe even more important, because it is well chosen Winter Jacket made of high-quality materials, it is a purchase that will last for years. All the more so because all the cuts from our catalog are timeless, practical and match almost any dress code. Winter jackets will work well in casual, sporty and more formal styles. We have models for both real, frosty winters and smaller winters. Fans of difficult, sometimes eccentric cuts and color combinations will also find something for themselves.

Classic winter jackets – parkas

Parkas have been unflaggingly popular since at least the 1960s. No wonder, because they are an exceptionally stylish and at the same time comfortable cut, suitable for wearing in cool spring, autumn and winter. The most popular are the smooth ones with strings, in khaki color. May be uninsulated , with lining or in winter version with a detachable sheepskin coat . An interesting variation on the classic parka is a slightly modified proposal from Geox – insulated with natural down (80%) and duck feathers, with three front pockets, light beige. Bugatti gives up on cuffs, emphasizing the simple cut with four dark buttons.

Original winter jackets – bomber jackets

The iconic bomber jacket came to us (almost literally) straight from the American army. In the navy blue or olive version, in the 1980s it was a symbol of punk subcultures, and for some time now it has conquered the whole world. You will find it in many versions, both for spring and winter; in insulated or uninsulated versions. Although it is not an absolutely universal jacket for everything, it always works great as a complement to a casual look. Antony Morato plays nice with the original cut of bomber jackets. His navy blue, quilted aviator jacket with a turn-up collar an insulated cream sheepskin coat is a must-have for winter everyday elegance. It goes perfectly with chinos and jeans

Reliable winter jackets – down jackets

Down jackets have been missing from winter men's fashion catwalks for years. Let's be honest - this is the only sure solution to real frosts. This season, however, puffer jackets are well-tailored, waist-length or longer. Even in the winter turmoil, you don't have to give up stylish urban casual. A definite classic among short puffer jackets is the quilted model from Geox light steel grays or saturated, slightly metallic garnets . Jackets with a straight stand-up collar are fastened with a logoed zipper.

Winter jackets for athletes

Winter is also the season for ski trips and long walks in snowy weather. You don't have to give up comfort to look stylish on your winter vacation. The sports version is dominated by energetic colors. This is an interesting solution bright yellow jacket-sweatshirt from Tommy Hilfiger . Half-zipped and side-zipped, insulated with natural feathers, with a hood and a very practical large, horizontal front pocket closed with snaps.

This year's winter jackets will probably please everyone. Regardless of the weather outside, you can feel comfortable without sacrificing perfect style. Timeless cuts from our store will be a great addition to your wardrobe not only for the upcoming season

July 11, 2023