With the arrival of the new year, we have a surprise for you. We are expanding our offer of clothes and accessories with as many as 4 new brands! Each of them is well-known in the fashion world, you will surely like them too. Now in ubierzsie.com store you will find iconic ones Coccinelle bags , extremely Les Hommes men's collection , chic Lamarthe bags and North Sails sailing clothing . And all this in one place, available at your fingertips!

Coccinelle accessories – bags, shoes, belts, top-shelf scarves


You may already know Italian brand Coccinelle . If not, we hurry with the most important information! The company has been operating since 1978, producing high-quality leather accessories such as handbags, backpacks Whether wallets . Almost 30 years later, the brand was taken over by the Mariela Burani fashion house, which allowed it to expand its product range to include stylish ones stripes , elegant scarves , as well Watches .

Coccinelle – Italian chic

What made the brand successful? From the very beginning, the manufacturer has been focusing on the highest quality materials - natural leather is processed by a team of qualified tanners. Moreover, the offered products are due to their nature classic style , they fit perfectly into almost any styling a timeless and universal addition to your outfit – casual, business and evening.

Models of handbags and backpacks include: a combination of classic elegance with a modern palette of colors and patterns . Due to the wide range of colors, every woman will be able to find her dream model that meets specific functions. Little chic a clutch bag , or maybe a roomy and stylish one bag ? Choose from models and create a bag for special tasks that will also delight you with its elegant style glamour. Coccinelle leather goods available for an active and tasteful woman here .

Many stars, also in Poland, fell in love with this brand. If you follow the world of celebrities, you will find, among others: Małgorzata Rozenek and Małgorzata Kożuchowska equipped with Coccinelle handbags to complement their everyday styling. Women value the durability and timeless appearance of these products, so it is worth enriching your bag collection with at least one of the models of this Italian brand.

Les Hommes – "black is black" men's clothing

Les Hommes

The ubierzsie.com online store has also prepared a surprise for men. It's just hitting the showrooms Les Hommes collection . Men will find clothing here in an urban, structural style . The founders of this brand, Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch, focus on... combining contradictions , which also results from the differences in the characters of the designers themselves. As a result we get classic, timeless clothes that can be easily combined into casual styles, but at the same time elegant , complemented by modern accessories and patterns.

Les Hommes – men's black

The dominant part of the Les Hommes collection is black. So we have black T-shirts, black pants, black sweatshirts . Everything tailored to your expectations. Because the color black is decisive and extremely masculine, it makes you look older and slims your figure, and it has something mysterious and romantic about it. Because " black is black ". Of course, the collection also includes other color accents, but the designers themselves emphasize that they like black, which is why it dominates the styling proposals. Check out the entire available collection now Les Hommes menswear – only our online store with premium fashion has such a wide offer of this brand.

If you are interested in the latest trends in the world of fashion, you should check out the offer of Les Hommes. Remember that niche designers sometimes they bring more freshness to the world of fashion than commonly known brandies. In addition, outfits offered by lesser-known brands also require less production, which increases the value of your outfit. You will also be sure that there will be no friend/neighbor/co-worker in your environment wearing exactly the same pants or sweatshirt. Stand out from the crowd with the premium brand – Les Hommes!

Lamarthe – French leather goods


Do you already have a unicorn bag in your collection? Yes, a unicorn! That's the symbol a Parisian leather goods manufacturer known as Lamarthe. This mythical creature, according to the brand's founder, expresses at the same time femininity and elegance . And this is what characterizes Lamarthe.

The company, founded in 1930, offers its clients carefully crafted products leather handbags, clutch bags, formal bags and luggage . The fashion world owes it to Alfred Lamarthe combination of zipper and natural leather . This idea revolutionized the leather goods market, creating an opportunity for completely new, innovative models of leather accessories.

Lamarthe – elegant handbags for those who value classics

Lamarthe brand offer are not only women's handbags and belts, but also products for men - business bags, backpacks, luggage . All this is made of extremely durable natural leather, which is guaranteed longevity our favorite accessories.

One model of women's handbags in particular has become a permanent fixture in the world of fashion - Portofino . The first model was presented in 1999, since then the design team has presented refreshed versions of this model every season, following current trends on the catwalks of the largest clothing brands. By combining classic style with modern workmanship and design, we get universal accessories from the leather goods industry, which successfully fit into most styles, regardless of current trends.

North Sails – high-class sportswear for bad weather

North Sails

Although the company is mainly associated with the design and production of sails, North Sails can also boast successes in the industry sportswear . The company's founders, privately passionate about sailing, created the collection with the participation of Italian designers comfortable and skin-friendly sportswear for physically active people or those who simply value comfort while moving. You will find them in their offer jackets, T-shirts, also polo shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, and hats. Clothing, apart from its aesthetic function, is designed to perform well in the field and protect our body against unfavorable conditions - rain and strong wind.

Particularly noteworthy is the collection created in 2020 in cooperation with the fashion house Prada . North Sails, as the official clothing partner during the Amercia's Cup regatta, decided to create a unique collection for competition participants. All the clothes stayed made of recycled materials , which was intended to emphasize that the company also cares about the environment. The collection includes, among others quick-drying jacket that protects against the wind a sweatshirt or one that protects against the sun hat . Of course he dominates nautical style . If you are looking for comfortable clothes that will not only look elegant, but also fulfill specific functions - check out the offer North Sails available in our store premium outlet . You don't have to be a sailing fan - all you need is a passion for an active lifestyle.

Ubierzsie.com – premium fashion outlet in your style

As you can see, we care about you, which is why we are constantly expanding our offer of clothing and accessories from well-known brands, responding to your needs. We also pay attention to niche designers because they bring some freshness to the world of fashion.

You will find it here elegant Coccinelle leather goods, extremely masculine Les Hommes clothing collection, Lamarthe leather accessories and additions and North Sails sportswear.

We guarantee that regardless of your preferences or lifestyle, you will definitely find something for yourself in our premium fashion store. Have fun with fashion and compose your own sets, also remembering about accessories to complement the whole styling.

July 11, 2023