At the end of last year, the largest fashion houses indicated what trends would be dominant in the upcoming Spring/Summer season. And while it is important what clothing will be fashionable, we cannot forget about accessories that, together with the clothes, create coherent styling. In this article we will look at the most fashionable handbags. What bags are worth reaching for in the spring season? We will show this with the examples of Patrizia Pepe and Guess handbags.

The trend for white shoes and accessories returned with a bang a few seasons ago. Although at the beginning many people approached this fashion with reservation, thinking that it would fade away very quickly, today we are becoming more and more convinced of this type of accessories. The most famous designers also see this, offering more and more handbags in this color from season to season. White handbags could not be missing from the offer Patrizia Pepe. Handbags in white is not only a proposition for a wedding outfit. We can successfully wear them with a jacket and jeans, i.e. with elegant styles for work, but not only. They will also work well as an addition to less formal clothing sets. Here are the models of white handbags that are particularly popular among our clients:

A black handbag is a proven addition to almost any style. We can successfully wear it as an addition to elegant styles, but also to everyday ones. A black clutch bag will look great combined with an evening dress, but also a little black dress in a bolder version. A black bag also works well in rock stylings and can then be slightly larger. A black handbag can also accompany us at work. To sum up: a black handbag is an absolute must-have for every woman! This time we chose the brand's proposals Guess :

It's time for another classic color, red. In this color both Guess , as well as Patrizia Pepe they have their own suggestions. A red handbag, just like the black one, can complement various styles. This is definitely an accessory for women who like accessories in bold colors.

Accessories with animal motifs have been fashionable for several seasons now and there is no sign of this changing. The snakeskin motif is equally popular on clothes and handbags. Of course, such models will not work as an addition to more formal styles, but the idea of ​​wearing them every day is a perfect one! Brand propositions Patrizia Pepe refer to the snake skin motif. We offer a clutch bag and a bag. In turn, the brand Guess she chose spots combined with quilted material - the whole thing looks very interesting.

Spring is just around the corner, and with it we expect more sun, green buds on the trees and sprouting flowers on the lawns. Spring is a time of freshness, so our list had to include bags in fresh colors. Pastels, because we are talking about them, go very well with classic colors. A red, elegant jumpsuit and a pastel blue handbag? This is it!

New this season is the trend for two-color handbags. For formal styling, models based on the classic colors of black and white will work well. For less formal meetings, it is worth choosing handbags in non-standard colors. Interesting proposals can be found in the collection Patrizia Pepe . The designer shows that a handbag does not have to be boring, which is why she likes to combine bold colors and experiment with patterns. Below we present some of the most interesting examples of such bags: