It's probably impossible not to notice that summer has settled in here exceptionally quickly this year. Short shorts and belly-baring tops on women's bodies are the result of heat pouring from the sky. Men, too, choose much lighter clothing sets at such high temperatures. No one is even surprised by the fact that men who dress elegantly every day choose comfortable shorts. So let's check what the most fashionable shorts are this season and how to combine them with to look fashionable and stylish.

Can shorts be elegant?

Shorts may be associated with surfers who face high waves in loose shorts, but fashion designers have gone a step further - they offer both sports shorts and those with a slightly more formal character. All it took was a change of material and cut, and it turned out that shorts could be an element of elegant styling. An example are the shorts from the collection Pepe Jeans. The store has chosen a model that will surely appeal to every man. Navy blue trousers made of high-quality fabric will be an ideal base for styling with light polo shirts. The metal logo placed on the back pocket emphasizes the elegant style of the shorts.

Polo shirts and shorts – the perfect combination

It's time for a styling suggestion for elegant men who like to look stylish at every step. We already know what elegant shorts should look like, so it's time to choose polo shirts that match them perfectly.

Classic is always in fashion, that's why our proposals couldn't miss a simple white polo shirt from the brand Geox. Every man will look classy in it. This T-shirt will work even during the most oppressive heat.

When the temperature drops slightly, you can choose a model in a darker color. This time we proposea polo by Plein Sport . A T-shirt that combines gray and black looks really interesting. The ribbon on the collar at the back looks particularly good - this small element gives a classic polo shirt a completely new character.

Men especially appreciate shorts with a slightly looser cut, which allow greater freedom of movement. Sports shorts may not be appropriate for a business meeting, but every man will happily put them on immediately after returning from work. You can wear them to the store, for a walk or to meet friends.

The first model is Diesel shorts in a sandy shade. Men appreciate them primarily for the comfort of wearing, but also functionality. The design of these shorts refers to cargo pants, so they had to have large pockets. You can successfully hide your keys, phone and other necessary items in them.

Our second proposition are shorts from a less known brand in Poland: La Haine Inside Us. "Blad" shorts are a proposition for men who prefer clothes that match current trends instead of classic solutions. The shorts are in dark colors, slightly reminiscent of jeans. Like the previous model, they are also equipped with spacious pockets, which are additionally decorated with strings. The raw finish and rips make it a very expressive model that stands out from other shorts available on

T-shirts in sports styles with shorts

When choosing T-shirts for sports shorts, let's put aside the classics, i.e. white, black, plain T-shirts. Modern trends show that the most fashionable models are those with prints, and those that attract the most attention. Referring to the weather outside, we chose T-shirts with a summer vibe. Pineapple on a T-shirt? Floral motifs? Such T-shirts are fashionable now! Check out our suggestions from Antony Morato and Takesha Kurosawa

July 12, 2023