Blumarine is an Italian clothing brand founded by Anna Molinari and her husband, whose headquarters is located on the picturesque island of Capri. Clothes and accessories created by Anna are available in many exclusive boutiques - you can find them in Milan, Bari, London and Singapore. Therefore, we are extremely pleased that the products are signed by the brand Blumarine is included in our extensive offer and at unusually low prices.

Blugirl's romantic collections are aimed mainly at young women and teenagers for whom fashion is, above all, fun. Blumarine focuses on providing sensual, elegant clothing that significantly highlights the advantages of women's figure. Most often made of materials such as chiffon, velvet or cashmere, clothes signed by this brand are extremely delicate. Beautiful juicy colors, floral motifs, pastels, delicate, various, refined details - all this can be found in the brand's collection.

Blumarine also offers perfectly designed accessories. The store offers a wide range handbags Blumarine brand. Available in a variety of styles, no woman will have a problem finding the right accessory for her styling. Blugirl's proposals combine the style of an elegant lady with the fresh and feisty look of a teenager. Regardless of whether you are looking for a handbag in pastel shades or you want to add some spice to your wardrobe with expressive colors - thanks to the wide range of our store, you will find something that will surely suit your taste! The wide range of colors of Blumarine bags available at will definitely add color to every autumn and winter. These are also great ideas for warm summer days. We recommend it to women for whom a handbag is not just an essential accessory key rings and wallets available in our offer.