Chic and elegance are the basis for the serious image of every businessman or office worker. When looking for new creations in this tone, it is worth choosing quality brands that, following current trends, also focus on classic style. Although there is no shortage of them, it is worth familiarizing yourself with them in more detail to know which ones offer the best quality. In today's article we will focus on the latest proposals from the Italian brand of the three Caldarelli brothers, i.e Antony Morato .

It has long been known that Italians know how to design clothes - after all, one of Europe's fashion centers. Therefore, it is no wonder that these three men know how to appeal to the tastes of elegant men - after all, it is fashion created by men for men. Antony Morato autumn collection is dedicated to men who are looking fashionable outfits for the office , a business meeting or an evening out. Individual elements can also be combined with more casual styles, which are perfect for a date at the cinema or a friendly outing. Therefore, below you will find practical tips on where to wear or how to combine particular clothes. We encourage you to read it.

Antony Morato shirts

The absolute basis of every gentleman's outfit is a well-tailored, fitted long-sleeved shirt. Classic styles will be fashionable this season, which will also highlight the advantages of the male figure, delicately outlining the line of the torso and arms. The extraordinary attention to finishing of cuffs and collars is a true showcase of this Italian brand. However, in addition to white, this season you will also be able to experiment with more bold colors. An interesting proposition will be the mint Antony Morato "Super Slim" shirt , made of high-quality fabric. Every man will look great in it, bringing a breath of freshness to the office. It can be worn with or without a tie or bow tie.

Italian jackets

Surprise your colleagues with a sophisticated styling a jacket from the latest Antony Morato collection! Among this brand you will find chic styles in classic colors - often with a hint of fashionable innovation. Shaping stitching will allow you to wear a jacket that is perfectly tailored to your figure! This is the absolute basis for every man's neat appearance. Delight with elegant style in any situation thanks to a well-chosen one navy . We recommend paying special attention to the dark jacket covered with light, subtle vertical stripes, which takes us back to the old men's fashion. You will look like a real gentleman in it!

Elegant jacket

For autumn and spring rains, we recommend equipping yourself with: an elegant jacket by Antony Morato . Thanks to it, you will gain a chic and classy look also outside, even before you cross the threshold of the office. Classic black and gray will be fashionable in the coming season and will match any style. Check out comfortably zipped, slim jackets made of high-quality material. We guarantee that the discreet lining, sleeves with cuffs and subtle thread decorations will create a perfect whole. In addition, practical pockets will add functionality - thanks to them, your necessary items will always be at your fingertips. These types of jackets are perfect for transitional periods.

Polo shirts

It appears that polo shirts differ slightly from the office canon of men's fashion, but on such occasions, a nonchalant, slightly casual style is increasingly prevalent. Therefore, especially in summer and spring, you can sometimes allow yourself to slightly relax the atmosphere by choosing a fitted T-shirt with a collar. This type of "top" will go well with a casual jacket. By dressing this way, you will show your less official, private side, and after work you will be able to go straight to meet your colleagues. It is an extremely universal piece of clothing, so we really encourage men to wear it whenever the opportunity arises.

Office and evening styles are an absolute must-have in every man's wardrobe, regardless of the type of work he does. Occasions requiring an elegant look occur more often than you might think. Therefore, it is worth gradually enriching your wardrobe with new fashion items in this style. We are convinced that Antony Morato is a good choice thanks to which you will effectively take care of your prestigious image, emphasizing your unique character and style. We hope that our review of this global brand will satisfy the aesthetic fashion preferences of each gentleman.

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July 11, 2023