The first jeans wholesaler was opened in 1853. Although over 160 years have passed since then, jeans have remained unflaggingly popular all this time. This is confirmed by the fact that almost everyone, regardless of gender, has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe. We wear them not only for loose, everyday styling, but also for a date or to work. Jeans have, in a sense, dominated the clothing market, so it's worth knowing a little bit about it.

Jeans were first produced in Genoa (from the French Gênes - the word's pronunciation is very similar to jeans). Similar material was also created in the French city of Nimes. Fabric was commonly referred to as material from Nimes – hence the second name of jeans: denim.

The first creator of classic denim trousers was Levi Strauss - a New Yorker and emigrant from Germany. His goal was to create durable trousers for workers and gold diggers. He experimented with various fabrics, but only denim trousers served their purpose. Workers' trousers were blue. The color was obtained thanks to the indigo pigment. The trousers had five pockets, the outer seams were made of orange thread and had additional reinforcement in the form of copper studs.

Over the years, jeans became popular not only among the working class, but also found supporters among other social groups. Western cowboys began to appear in denim trousers. It didn't take long to see the results. Men, drawing inspiration from movie characters, eagerly bought jeans, which became synonymous with masculinity. This is what happened later. Marlon Brando and James Dean appeared in jeans. Eventually, denim pants became a symbol of youthful rebellion and were banned in some American schools.

In 1938, the first jeans for women appeared on the market. They emphasized the hips and slightly tapered downwards. In later years, this type of trousers was very eagerly promoted by world-famous actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.

In the 1980s, jeans reached the peak of popularity. People were not limited to denim trousers, but were dressed in this material from head to toe. This fashion returns from time to time and every few seasons, clothing manufacturers such as... Pepe Jeans or Diesel show that jeans can be the foundation of the entire styling.

It's safe to say that you can never have enough jeans in your wardrobe! Denim pants are so universal that they can be the basis of almost any styling. All thanks to the variety of jeans. The clothing market provides us with classic, straight models, but also fitted jeans, with decorative studs, colorful embroidery, tapered downwards, with abrasions, holes - the list could go on and on. Such a large selection means that we should not limit ourselves to one pair. Thanks to this, we will be able to create different styles tailored to the occasion.

Of course, your wardrobe must include simple jeans in a solid color. They could be an example Diesel "Tepphar" pants . This model can be the basis for more formal styles. We can match them with a T-shirt and a jacket and this set will be perfect for work or university.

July 11, 2023