Modern, rebellious, pulsating with vibrant black, mixing glam, punk and skate style - these are the denominators that could describe the La Haine Inside Us brand. The history of this Italian brand inspires, while its designs time and time again amaze, attract attention and at the same time attract a constant, but also new, clientele. Get to know the brand from Bologna, which has uncompromisingly entered the world of high fashion.

La Haine Inside Us Story

La Haine Inside Us brand was born in 2017 in the heart of Bologna with the idea of ​​​​creating a rebellious, bold and uncompromising fashion concept. The combination of many years of experience in tailoring workshops and unique creative intuition resulted in an avant-garde collection with a dark taste, in which all black shades, overlapping fabrics and cuts create an inspiring whole.

Extensive research into shapes and fabrics resulted in sophisticated clothes in which asymmetric cuts, contrasting seams, multi-zips, satin laces and studs are just some of the characteristic features associated with the La Haine brand. The dominant colors in all collections are black, gray and laminated silver, which are intended to be a reflection of the dark side of every person, the beauty of which should be brought to light.

La Haine Inside Us' proposal is a fusion between streetwear and the avant-garde, which, thanks to its dynamic development, is visible at fashion weeks in the largest fashion capitals - from Paris to Copenhagen.

Uncompromisingness, that is the idea of ​​the La Haine Inside Us brand

If you want to answer the question what makes La Haine Inside Us stand out from other brands, just check out the current collection, which is characterized by a lot of courage and uncompromising attitude. The suggestions included are perfect for complementing both men's and women's wardrobes. La Haine Inside Us directs its projects to every person who is aware of their needs and is not afraid to express their unique style. The Italian brand also brings to the fore the dark side of every person, emphasizing that it is an indispensable part of human existence and that there is hidden beauty in it, which is emphasized by the black colors of its designs.

La Haine Inside Us on

The La Haine Inside Us brand offers available in the store you will find casual clothes with a character that will be perfect for everyday styling. Knitted sweatshirts with large collars and hoods, long T-shirts with deliberate holes, asymmetric dresses, joggers with zips and much more - all in black, gray and white colors. With these clothes, you will create the basis of a capsule wardrobe that, despite its universality, will not be boring in any way, which is in line with the ideology of this Italian brand.

July 12, 2023