Are you looking for the most fashionable sunglasses for summer? Let yourself be inspired by the biggest catwalks and stars whose image is supervised by specialists. Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner choose narrow models, reminiscent of the style straight from the 90s. Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez, in turn, choose simple, rounded classics with metal frames, and trendsetters such as Jessica Mercedes choose glasses with colored lenses. And you, which model of branded glasses will you choose for your wardrobe to emphasize its individual character?

Sunglasses for summer 2021 – catwalk trends

When looking for the most fashionable glasses options for summer 2021, it is worth visiting the top catwalks. AT Dior you could admire large, black fly glasses in a truly Hollywood style. Jimmy Choo he dressed his models in large sunglasses, the shape of which somewhat resembled butterfly wings - available in a mirror or black variant, both with thin frames and rhinestones on the sides.

Fancy variants in this type of frames also appeared in the latest collection Chloe , however, there they took on a much more colorful version. And at Chloe's you will also find beautiful, hippie bow ties with colored lenses, referring to the style of Gloria Steinem, a famous American feminist. If you are an individual who likes to stand out from others, the answer to your fashion needs may be models of sunglasses from the latest collection of the fashion house. Givenchy . The golden, narrow and futuristic frames of this brand are a proposition for the brave.

Master Giorgio Arm neither in turn, it turns its eyes towards more responsible and sustainable fashion, with the aim of caring for the environment and does not create new trends. Instead, in his latest collection he presents... classic Lenon shoes, whose original detail are strongly curved temples.

The most fashionable sunglasses? These models are chosen by trendsetters

The hottest trends from the catwalks are one thing, and what is currently worn on the streets of fashion capitals is another. Street style lives its own rhythm and despite the pandemic, it is doing very well. World-famous trendsetters interpret trends from fashion shows in their own way, inspiring hundreds of thousands of women. Which sunglasses do they choose for summer 2021?

Leonie Hanne , one of the most popular it-grills in the world, followed by over 3 million fans, chooses narrow sunglasses with white, rounded frames for the upcoming season. This type of accessory adds a retro touch to modern styling.

Petra, known on Instagram under the pseudonym @pepamack , famous for its minimalist style. And it is this style that he enriches with cat eyes glasses, with a slightly more futuristic shape than classic retro models. Original, but still in the spirit of minimalism.

And if we're talking about leading trends from Instagram, it would be a sin not to mention our native it-girl - Jessica Mercedes . The blogger cleverly smuggles into her wardrobe what is worn on the streets of the largest cities in the world and chooses sunglasses with colored lenses and black frames.

Celebrity style women's sunglasses

Is your style inspired by the refined looks of the biggest stars? If you like to wear something similar to them, choose a model with narrow frames as your new sunglasses for 2021. Celebrity stylists can't be wrong - this type of glasses is worn by Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters, Hailey Bieber, but also Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, referring to their styles from the 90s. The fashion for this type of glasses is back!