Christmas is fast approaching and, unlike last year, it seems that we will have to spend it in normal conditions. Preparing and buying gifts is one thing, but planning styling for this special time is a completely different matter. How to dress for Christmas this season? Especially for you, we have searched Instagram, which is full of the most fashionable styling inspirations for this time. Look below!

Christmas styling for her: white sequins

Although we may associate sequin styling primarily with New Year's Eve, when preparing their collections for the fall-winter season, designers also took care of the festive version of this type of outfit. Instead of gold, silver or colorful sequins, we choose… white. In a total version - with white accessories, shoes, and best of all, tights, just like Camille Charriere - the French it-girl - did.

Christmas styling for her: patterned tights

Do you want to easily give a festive and original character to your little black or dark suit? So put on black patterned tights, just like leading trendsetters have been doing recently. Laura Matuszczyk chose a black oversize jacket that works as a dress, high classic stilettos in the same color and openwork tights.

Christmas styling for her: tweed set

Mademoiselle Coco Chanel's beloved styling variant, i.e. nothing more than a tweed set, will be perfect for Christmas styling. Years pass, and native Parisians still choose tweed styles during this special time. Why? They look classy, ​​comfortable and never go out of fashion.

Christmas styling for her: black & white

The contrasting combination of black and white is one of the strongest trends at the turn of the year. Leading brands promote sweaters and dresses covered with geometric checkerboards. During Christmas, however, a modernized classic will definitely work better - suit trousers and a shirt, either with a classic or Victorian collar.

Christmas styling for him: double-breasted suit

Double-breasted, pinstriped suits, which had their heyday in the 1930s, are coming back into fashion as a men's styling option for the holidays. It is worth wearing them with colorful or retro-style shirts or white ones, but remember about accessories such as a pocket square, bow tie or tie.