We are ahead of trends and today, as fashion lovers, we present the hottest fashion trends for 2020! If you love following annual fashion shows, this article will allow you to review your wardrobe before the new year and prepare the hottest styles now.

Coco Chanel said that fashion is what goes out of fashion. 2020 seems to be an exact reflection of her words. What this year was an interesting turn towards 90s fashion, next year's trends will be a dream come true for all vintage fashion lovers. What cannot be missing in your wardrobe, what colors, patterns and cuts will dominate the streets of our cities? We are ahead of the New Year and today we invite you to travel through the fashion styles of 2020!

Pantone color of the year! Classic Blue

We will start our journey through 2020 trends with color. As every year, the Pantone Institute announced the color of the year 2020 on its Instagram profile. It was the shade Classic Blue, and in fact it is the most classic shade of blue - timeless, soothing, perfect as a base for more energetic stylings or arrangements, but also perfect in itself. , full version. Simplicity and stability speak for the Classic Blue shade, it has a positive effect on concentration, it inspires, and its deep color brings to mind the evening sky or the image of the depths of the ocean. The majestic, very static, even fundamental shade of Classic Blue is, according to many fashion critics, considered a color that introduces an atmosphere of open dialogue, balance and a certain maturity.

Fashion trends for 2020

The mentioned 90s will remain with us in the coming seasons, but this is what will really happen HOT it's a fusion of the 40s and 70s. So far, we've seen the grunge style of the 90s with electrifying disco dance, or Twiggy's style slightly tweaked with hippie freedom. In 2020, the boom of industrial workers' lives will be intertwined with very sophisticated fashion from the war period. Heavy materials, fitted cuts, hats and comfortable everyday suits will dominate. The impeccable style and sophistication with which we associate the fashion of the 1940s today was then modest fashion, surrounded by the specter of war, when all resources were transferred to the military area. Women's fashion included simple skirt cuts, which are the apple of the eye of many fashionistas today. The midi model, reaching to the calf, in a circle cut or pencil cut, necessarily with a high waist, was complemented by jackets with a very stiff construction. The figure looked impeccable. Clothing of that period was sewn at home, based on home materials or altered men's shirts or jackets.

The colors will be dominated by subdued colors - sandy yellow, khaki, brown, black and subdued shades of red. What will distinguish styling in this climate are monochromatic combinations of skirts, jackets, blouses, overalls and outerwear styled for men.
2020 will definitely be a year of sustainable fashion. In addition to the fusion of the styles of the 1940s and 1970s, we will return to fashion 19th century century, namely for styling straight from the American prairie. Dresses in subdued colors, long, ankle-length, as well as light shirts with a stand-up collar and thick trousers, are an indicator of the upcoming summer. Shorts with frayed legs and boho-style T-shirts, necessarily inspired by the cowboy style of the Wild West. There will be ankle boots and lace-up boots. Therefore, it will not be surprising to learn that 2020 will be dominated by braids and intricately fastened buns.

Inspirations from safari life will also be close to prairie styling. We still stick to the atmosphere of natural materials and desert colors. Warm shades of sandy yellow, brown, green and subdued red dominate. Loose long trousers, tapered to the ankle, shirts with large front pockets, and spacious jackets, fitted with linen strings.
The 1970s also means polka dots, which we will combine in full look versions. What's most interesting is that we can combine polka dots in styles freely, the greater the variety in the density of polka dots, the better. What will be emphasized by breaking the pattern is also the construction of the clothing. An intense pattern on the complex structure of a dress or jacket is a hit on many designers' catwalks.

A few words about shorts

During the presentation of designers' collections for the spring-summer 2020 season, many fashion houses promote shorts not only in sports and casual styles as a denim accent for the hot summer. Shorts will dominate the world of modern business. Wide, made of high-quality material, complemented with a shirt, turtleneck and, of course, a jacket. The shoes are combined with knee-high boots or high-heeled ankle boots. Wide shorts, high-waisted, ironed at the edge.

If it's shorts with frayed legs, then jeans

No one will be surprised by the denim styling in 2020. As in previous seasons, jeans are always in fashion, but in the coming year we are talking about full look jeans. Not only overalls made of thick denim, but also shirts, ruffled blouses and trousers. Preferably in a monochromatic version. What will turn heads of every fashion lover are denim pencil skirts. Fastened with a zipper, or with a tasteful cut to mid-thigh, complemented with decorative buttons? All you need is a classic T-shirt made of organic cotton, a pair of your favorite sandals and your summer look is ready!

Ruffles and boho style

Of course, we do not forget about those fashion lovers whose steps are directed towards sustainable development and living in harmony with nature. High-quality organic materials, subdued colors, and freedom. Earthy colors and dominant white will appear in the wardrobes of boho style lovers. Folk inspirations will also be reflected in the designs of shirts with a stand-up collar, decorated with openwork collars and puffed sleeves. Crochet work is a way to give an original finishing touch to an evening outfit.


Spring without pastels? No way. 2020 is a continuation of well-known trends, pastels dominate, as in the case of previous styles, monochromatic combinations go hand in hand in ready-made sets - a jacket, short shorts, a shirt and shoes.

A simple, broken form

The simple form of loosely fitting fabric will enhance draping. The perfect pinning of the fabric on the shoulder, waist and hip lines is a reference to ancient and Victorian styles.

July 12, 2023