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Punk. Garage music. The beginning of the 1970s, not only the British Isles, but also the United States. Against the army, against organized religion, against the authorities, against the social system, against restrictions. This is how a subculture was born, which has evolved over the years, becoming one of the most universal and therefore unable to be confined within any system - punk. Opposition to restrictions on freedom is the only constant element. for some, punk is music, for others it is an ideology that is strongly rooted in a social movement. What distinguishes it is also the breaking of existing canons imposed from above, e.g. fashion. Controversy, breaking rules and rebellion. This is how you can sum up the punk style, which for many today is one of the main inspirations for creating their own style.

British streetwear at its best from Pepe Jeans

London Look is a contemporary embodiment of glamor style in the form of British street wear. Promoted by show business icons, mainly related to the artistic environment - actors, singers, models, but not only them. Contemporary London style, although loved by celebrities, can be seen almost everywhere. It is storming into our styles - inspiring nonchalance, disorder with a hint of eccentricity. Orderly chaos, delicate materials - silk skirts combined with a cotton T-shirt or an oversize wool sweater, a leather biker jacket and a shopper jacket, necessarily in a maxi version, massive biker boots, but also often high heels or loafers. Your hair must be messy and you must wear a large-brimmed hat or a flat cap. Is that all? Of course not. Replace voluminous skirts with a leather mini skirt or long narrow trousers, replace a woolen sweater with a velvet shirt, and top with a well-tailored jacket or a classic trench coat. First of all, it's about playing with fashion, emphasizing your style, personalizing each style. The vintage, second hand and second hand trends also persist among London Look enthusiasts DIY . Branded, high-quality clothing items such as blouses, handbags and jackets are willingly complemented with unique jewelry and accessories that emphasize personality, will be unique and reflect our character.

The history of London Look, although it draws heavily on the punk subculture, actually begins on the catwalk. Thanks to Kate Moss, a British model, it was possible to introduce it to the streets of London. Nonchalance, eccentricity and, above all, self-expression through clothing - this is how London street style can be summed up.

There is also no shortage of people in Poland who like London Look. Among them, the most frequently mentioned is Maja Sablewska, ambassador of the Rimmel brand, responsible for the recognizable advertising slogan Get the London Look. Narrow trousers, motorcycle boots, a printed T-shirt and a leather biker jacket. Hats, jewelry, tattoos. All this adds up to a rock styling that is perfect not only for parties.

When writing about London Look, it is impossible not to mention the brand that perfectly fit the trends of the early 1970s, being an ambassador of this style in fashion. To this day, the brand designs collections that perfectly emphasize the individualism, originality and rebellious nature of its customers. If you love playing with fashion, have your own point of view and are not afraid to express it, London style is a reflection of what is in your soul. Your wardrobe must include a leather biker jacket, a well-tailored jacket, a few T-shirts and trousers - Pepe Jeans is a brand that was founded on excellent quality jeans, perfectly fitted, comfortable and suitable for any occasion.

This manufacturer's offer includes classic clothing made of high-quality material. The brand is distinguished by its rock character, which can be worn every day. Not only jeans, but also T-shirts and outerwear are extremely popular. The history of the Pepe Jeans brand dates back to the early 1970s, and what allowed their popularity to develop was a break with the previously prevailing trends in London street fashion. However, what allowed the brand to exist on the market was not only clothing, but also well-thought-out promotion. When creating such a bold collection, they had to find someone who would dare to wear it. The first person to appear in showrooms wearing the brand's trousers was the already mentioned Kate Moss, thus becoming the face of this style.

Do you want to look fashionable and original? Are you looking for clothing that will emphasize your temperament, but also work in every situation? Pepe Jeans is a brand that not only launched the London Look, but also became a brand that strongly supports individualism .

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July 13, 2023