Tommy Hilfiger - a brand for every occasion

We are aware that in the privacy of home, every man feels most comfortable in a comfortable tracksuit and T-shirt. After all, women have exactly the same thing! Sometimes, however, you have to leave the house, and this means preparing an outfit for a given occasion. For many men this is a big problem. Although many men want to dress fashionably, they still assume that branded products are not for them. Because they are uncomfortable, too chic, etc. In this article, we will debunk this myth. Introducing Tommy Hilfiger clothing! The store will tell you what clothes from this brand to combine to look good and feel comfortable in every situation.

Tommy Hilfiger Look

Tommy Hilfiger - style and comfort for everyone

When asked what the most important features of men's clothes are, every man will answer one thing: comfort. Men value the comfort of wearing clothes the most. Above all, clothing should be sewn in such a way that it does not restrict movement in any way. Another important aspect is the material from which it is made. Every male representative appreciates good quality fabrics that do not irritate the skin, but on the contrary - allow it to breathe.

Does this mean that the visual side is not important for men? This is not entirely true. It is true that the appearance of clothes takes a backseat, but it is not without significance. Poles pay more and more attention to how they dress. And even though they may wear worn-out sweatpants at home, they want to look fashionable to the wider society.

Especially over the last few years, we have noticed greater interest in men's fashion and this was undoubtedly influenced by Polish fashion bloggers. A modern man still focuses on comfort, but if he finds comfortable but also trendy clothes, he is completely satisfied. These two features are combined in the brand's clothing Tommy Hilfiger. Store has prepared three practical styles for men that every man will surely like.

Tommy Hilfiger lookbook

Tommy Hilfiger, the founder of a fashion empire known all over the world, used to say that the clothes he designed were preppy style - they reflected American classics that are accepted all over the world. And the American classics are simple shirts, baseball-style sweatshirts, jeans - to sum up: casualness combined with a touch of nonchalance. This style is particularly popular in Poland, because it is characterized by sporty, comfortable, but very fashionable clothes. Below we will prove that not only everyday clothes can be comfortable and practical, but also those chosen for more formal styles. Check out our suggestions!

Let's start with the least formal situation, i.e. a meeting with friends. If you are going to a football match, handball match or other sports event, it must be admitted that creased trousers and an elegant shirt will definitely not be appropriate in such a situation. So what should you wear? Of course, for sports!

Tommy Hilfiger man

Tommy Hilfiger - not only sports sweatshirts and loose pants

From the wide range of Tommy Hilfiger clothing, the store has selected a set that every fan will surely like. The basis of our styling is a sports sweatshirt. We chose a model in a typical American style: a baseball sweatshirt in white and cream. You can wear your favorite T-shirt under the sweatshirt, but that's not the end of the styling. You should also choose comfortable pants that will not restrict your movements during vigorous movements, e.g. at the stadium. "Dobby Jogger" pants should be perfect for this role. They have a looser cut, a lowered crotch, and are slightly tapered downwards - thanks to this, the silhouette, despite wide clothes, will look slim.

On a date, regardless of whether it is a meeting with a newly met girl or with his wife, every man wants to look great. In this situation, you should put aside the sports sweatshirt and loose pants. It's time to choose something more refined, but still comfortable.

We start styling with pants. "Chino" trousers with a fitted cut in navy blue will make every man look very attractive. If it's a date, then there's a shirt. A model with a patterned print will be an interesting addition to the overall styling. A light gray sweater will work great with a shirt. You can wear it directly over your shirt or tie its sleeves around your arms.

The basis for subsequent styling will again be the "Chino" trousers presented above. Tailored trousers offer many possibilities and can also be successfully used in more formal situations. Sunday dinner at your parents' house, a business meeting or a child's interview - they will work very well in each of these situations. If you have an important meeting coming up, you should add something else to your outfit: a shirt. In this matter, Tommy Hilfiger offers a lot of choice. We have selected two models that are most popular with our customers.

The first one is a classic white shirt with blue, horizontal stripes. Every man will look elegant in it, so it cannot be missing in your wardrobe. Another option is a navy blue shirt with a patterned print. It will look great in combination with "Chino" trousers, but also with other models. Which shirt will be in your wardrobe? Or maybe both?