For years, wearing sandals over socks was synonymous with embarrassment and a complete lack of sense of style. Some Poles didn't care much about it anyway, and today... it turns out that they quite accidentally got ahead of fashion. The latest trends allow for such a combination. Of course, it is worth knowing what flip-flops and sandals to choose to achieve a stylish effect.

Flip-flops and sandals are back in fashion

Who would have guessed that the iconic flip-flops associated with the turn of the 20th century? XXI century, they will return with such a flourish and as an important element of fashionable streetwear. Looking across the ocean, we see Kanye West parading around in a suit, white socks and flip-flops. One of the most influential figures in pop culture perfectly senses trends and imposes them with her styling. So we know that you can boldly combine "forbidden" clothing items and... stand out with a truly star look.

You can pay up to several hundred zlotys for branded flip-flops. Both chain stores and more prestigious fashion houses include them in their regular offers, just like sandals. This type of footwear, next to boots, low shoes or high heels, should absolutely not be shocking these days.

Although the main purpose of flip-flops and sandals is to provide breathability by exposing the foot, the trick is to combine them with socks. To achieve an interesting, fashionable effect, it is worth choosing branded shoes. You will find them in the online outlet . Here are styling suggestions that - who knows - maybe they will inspire you to a truly original combination.