In spring and summer, designers seem to repeat the mantra that less is more, they put functionality at least on par with sophisticated design, and instead of creating a number of new trends, they slightly refresh those already known to us from previous eras. They look favorably at both minimalism and rainbow-colored wardrobes with a Scandinavian twist. Effect? The most important trends for spring and summer 2021 promise to be really interesting. We have collected them for you in the text below .

Spring-summer trends: collars and collars

White poplin shirts with Victorian collars were loved by leading trendsetters a few seasons ago, especially those of Scandinavian origin. In turn, the latest collections of the greatest designers have made the trend of this oversized detail in blouses even more popular instead of becoming a thing of the past. So if you already have a shirt with a large, ruffled collar in your wardrobe, you can cross this item off your shopping list. If not, be sure to check out the range of one of the Scandinavian brands. However, Victorian collars are not everything. Thanks to fashion houses such as Prada and Gucci polo collars have also come back into circulation.

Spring-summer 2021 trends: pastels and rainbow colors

Fashion creators have recently made efforts to respond flexibly to both changes in the fashion industry and those of a global nature caused by the coronavirus pandemic. So they decided to sweeten the bitterness of 2020 with some optimistic pastels and juicy rainbow colors. These energizing colors are one of the most important items on the list of spring-summer 2021 trends. The brand's show Chloe opened by a model wearing a candy-colored dress with lace details. On the catwalk of the Boss fashion house, you could admire a women's mint boyfriend suit. Model Jil Sander wore a lemon trench coat, and at Chanel you could admire pink sets, made of tweed, of course. So if you want to refresh your spring-summer styling a bit, add at least one expressive, colorful element. This is a recipe for minimalism in a contemporary version. Do you want to energize yourself with a colorful total look? Go ahead, such sets also fit into current trends.

Spring-summer trends: crochet openwork

During the pandemic, handicrafts, including crocheting, have become a trend among, but not only, relaxing ways to spend free time. In this case, the designers decided to draw inspiration from the naturalistic reality surrounding them and also promoted the fashion trend of openwork clothes and accessories. Crochet dresses , boho-style tops, openwork pencil skirts and bags that look as if made from a fishing net - these are the most popular versions of this stylish trend. Where can we find them? The most interesting proposals appeared on the catwalk of the Burberry i fashion house Dior . French trendsetters agree on this: one openwork element in the styling will give it a completely new, fresh and summer character.

Spring-summer trends: flip-flops

From the moment models dressed in heavy, leather and very stylish clogs walked down the catwalk of the French fashion house Hermes, fashion experts were convinced that these shoes would become a footwear hit among the trends for the spring-summer 2021 season. However, they did not predict that that thanks to minimalist brands such as Acne Stuidio or Celine, clogs will have to give way to... flip-flops. Flip-flops with straps connected between the toes have so far been associated mainly with beach fashion or poolside styling. In summer, however, these shoes will be one of the most fashionable attributes of women's wardrobe, subtly paying tribute to the fashion of the 90s. What to wear with flip-flops to fit into the current trends? With oversized women's suits, as a raw and minimalist variant, or with floral dresses, as Parisian women do now.

Spring-summer trends: little black dress 2.0

A simple black dress, known for years as the "little black dress", is still one of the basic elements of a women's capsule wardrobe. However, the latest trends clearly indicate that in the spring-summer 2021 season, the little black dress will stand out slightly from those that were popular in recent seasons. This will happen thanks to original, but still raw and minimalist details and cutouts. A breath of fashion freshness may also be the fact that the little black dress is now not only mini length, but also midi length. So you can confidently choose the variant that better suits your figure and aesthetics. A new version of the little black dress is offered by leading designers - from Michael Kors and Victoria Beckham to Jacquemus.

Spring-summer trends: wide trousers

The trend for loose trousers, wide from the top, is proof that fashion creators increasingly pay attention to not only design, but also comfort and functionality in their designs. The result of this approach, initiated by the pandemic and spending time at home, is clothes in which we feel at ease and comfortable, but also look very stylish. Where to look for them? Certainly in the offer of brands such as Jacquemus, Celine and Boss. For spring and summer 2021, choose trousers whose legs reach to the ground and at the waist are decorated with pleats reminiscent of men's suits from the late 1980s.

Spring-summer trends: fly glasses

Do you already know the granny chic clothing trend? Designs with an intended "grandmother's" character have been promoted primarily by the Gucci fashion house for several seasons. Layered clothes, subdued colors, socks worn with sandals or low-heeled flip-flops and finally... tortoiseshell bow-tie glasses. This type of sunglasses frames is replacing the narrow models from the 1990s that dominated last season in spring and summer 2021. Glasses that cover half of the face, preferably with yellow or blue lenses, will be an ultra-fashionable complement to spring and summer styles.

Spring-summer 2021 trends: bralettes

The first rays of sun are behind us, which means no more covering your body, and certainly your belly. At least that's what the latest collections of leading designers suggest, because their common point was shortening the top to the length of a bralette . A bralette worn instead of a top is a trend for the bravest. It can be built-up or in the form of a bra. Knitted, silk or woolen. With thin and thick straps. There are many bralettes on international catwalks of brands such as Jacquemus and Dolce&Gabbana, but some of the most beautiful ones available on the market were created by our native designer - Magda Butrym.

Spring-summer trends: chunky loafers

The black, massive model with a silver plaque with the logo on the front from the Prada brand was loved by trendsetters, models and fashion editors from all over the world. Those from Scandinavia combine them with colorful, tight dresses tied at the neck and white protruding socks. Parisian women, on the other hand, choose classics - wearing them with denim shorts, a Chanel jacket on a chain and a white shirt. Minimalists like to wear them with basic, tight bodysuits and wide trousers. Although there are many styling options for these shoes , one thing is certain - they are an undoubted hit for the spring-summer season. The good news: these shoes won't get old after one season.