Fashionable shorts for summer - proposals from premium brands

What do we associate most with the holiday season when it comes to fashion? Certainly, most women will say that these are dresses or bikinis. However, we have one more type - shorts!

It cannot be denied that shorts are an inseparable element of every holiday suitcase, both women's and men's. However, has it always been like this?

Even though the shorts are almost 100 years old, they were only promoted in the 1970s. All thanks to James Brown's 1971 hit "Hot Pants". It had an extremely large impact on the sales of these short shorts (initially in the United States). As it turned out, in the early 1970s, shorts were a huge competition for mini skirts.

However, returning to the beginning of the history of shorts, we have to go back to the 1920s and 1930s. At that time, they were worn by great stars, such as Marilyn Monroe, but also by women of easy virtue. Wearing shorts at that time could even cause a moral scandal.

Since the 1960s, short shorts began to appear in the collections of the largest fashion houses, including: Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger . They slowly started to gain recognition on the streets of big cities. At that time, they were mainly made of denim, leather or cotton. The great comeback of shorts took place in the 1990s, thanks to the famous character - Lara Croft. How do we look at this piece of clothing today? You could say that the world loves shorts and we're happy to wear them in 2019. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Taylor Swift are big fans of shorts.

Summer shorts - review of models

Currently, we have wide access to a variety of shorts on the market. But what will be fashionable in 2019? Experts predict that this season we will be able to notice several dominant trends.

First of all, this summer shorts are no longer associated only with a casual style. It turns out that shorts are also entering elegant fashion, and in some cases even evening fashion. This season, we also wear shorts as part of a suit. Elegant shorts are a great alternative to skirts.

Denim shorts are also an absolute must-have. This type of material has been superior to others for several seasons. It is a fashionable and comfortable proposition. Another trend is high-waisted shorts. Regardless of whether it is a sporty proposition from Tommy Hilfiger or an elegant one, such as from Patrizia Pepe, such a cut definitely lengthens the legs and makes our figure look better. High-waisted shorts look great with an oversized, neutral top.

The last, highly visible trend that is aimed at determined and brave women are knee-length shorts, the so-called female cyclists. They won the hearts of fashion lovers around the world. It is also a great option for women who do not want to expose their legs in hot weather. Cyclists effectively cover all imperfections.

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