Some people associate the Guess brand with Naomi Campbell, others with Claudia Schiffer. All people interested in fashion identify it with luxury. Not only famous models appeared in Guess advertising campaigns. We also saw Drew Barrymore and Carla Bruni in them. If you like prestige and want to dress like celebrities, you will undoubtedly like the Guess summer collection.

The first Guess boutique was established in France in the 1970s. The brand was created by four brothers, Armando, Georges, Maurice and Paul Marciano, who first dealt with seasonal sales within the chain of stores. MGA . After initial problems and lack of communication between the brothers, the business was taken over by two of them: Maurice and Paul. The duo created the concept of combining French and American philosophies of life (the brothers often traveled to USA , and then decided to emigrate), which quickly reached a group of recipients with refined tastes.

To make it in the fashion world, you need to stand out. The brothers introduced their first bold idea to the market, jeans in colors that deviated from the standards of the time, which over time became famous. An innovative approach to clothes distinguishes Guess designers to this day. The brand's style is as recognizable as the logo, associated with prestige, class, but also a certain amount of freedom.

Guess collections are full of bold colors and patterns. Ours among summer men's clothes Guess Outlet offers shirts in pastel shades, attracting attention with original patterns. The main inspiration for these models are plant motifs. Combined with a perfect cut and the highest quality materials, we get comfortable and stylish shirts for brave men who like to stand out.

July 11, 2023