By choosing branded dress for a given occasion, first of all, we consider what color it should be, whether it should be subdued or flashy, what length, whether we want to expose the knees or rather slim our figure with an ankle-length outfit. We cannot forget about a very important issue - what kind of cut the dress should have from the top. Find out what neckline suits you best.


Does the world belong to the brave? Not completely. It is not an art to reveal everything at all costs, especially when you have too much or too little to reveal. The American neckline is very popular among Hollywood stars. It is no secret that celebrities devote a large part of their time to shaping their figures: rigorous diets, fasting and long hours of sweating in the gym are a daily occurrence. In addition, there are stimulants, plastic surgery, i.e. many destructive elements that you would not want to include in your happy life. You know you are beautiful just the way you are. But you also know that there are things that make you look better, and there are things that make you look slightly worse. So who is definitely not suitable for the American neckline? Certainly for women with too curvaceous shapes and large breasts, because a dress with such a neckline reveals too much. Also for the same reason, it would not look good on a woman who is too slim, because the protruding collarbones will hurt the eyes. However, if you can boast of a model figure, do not hesitate and buy a dress with an American neckline. Surprise your friends with this bold styling, you will shine like a star in the company!


If your figure is pear-shaped, you are lucky - this beautiful, classic neckline is made for you. Another name for it is the "diamond" neckline. It is moderately deep, slightly revealing, but covers the entire bust. It will optically lengthen a neck that is too short. Unfortunately, it will widen your shoulders, so if you have large shoulders, it is better to choose a dress with a different neckline. "Karo" looks great on women with larger breasts, it will beautifully emphasize their shape. But we also recommend caution here - too large breasts may look a bit gaudy in such a neckline.


Are you starting to worry that no neckline is for you? Nothing could be further from the truth. IN everyone will find something for himself. Only some ladies will feel comfortable in these more fitted clothes. Fortunately, there are things where nice is everything... well, almost everything. The Spanish neckline is an example of a cut that adorns most silhouettes. It reveals the shoulders, and you must know that this gives a more flirtatious effect than excessive exposure of the breasts. Ruffles hide all excesses and deficiencies and emphasize the waist. Unfortunately, there are no things that fit everyone, because each of us is different. We do not recommend this neckline to women with too broad shoulders. However, if it is not the width of your shoulders that is keeping you awake at night, but you would like to hide other shortcomings of your figure, this neckline is for you. Most women look extremely feminine and sensual in it. Who knows, perhaps it was the cut of the dress that largely contributed to the famous attractiveness of Spanish women?


Too wide shoulders are also a contraindication for women who dream of a heart-shaped neckline. Unfortunately, it won't look good on you and it's better to choose a different cut. Women who do not like to emphasize their large breasts will not feel comfortable in such a cut. However, ladies with too short necks will look great because the heart will optically lengthen it. And when you are convinced that your choice is right, because your shoulders are just right and your bust is of average size, make sure that your skin is in good condition, because a large part of it will be exposed in such an outfit.


And finally, a cut that women with too broad shoulders or large breasts don't have to worry about. This is a very popular V-neck. It is subtle, but tempting and very feminine. It hides the shoulders and emphasizes feminine shapes. Women with curves will feel great in it. The V-neck is popular not only with dresses, but also with T-shirts, casual and more chic blouses. It optically lengthens the neck. You don't have to avoid cheese if you think your breasts are too small. Just make sure the neckline isn't too deep and it will look great, emphasizing your assets.

Round neckline

A very popular neckline, probably because it is conservative and balanced. It doesn't reveal too much, which makes it perfect for any formal styling. It also goes well with everyday tops. It looks different depending on the depth. If the neck is shorter, a deeper cut is recommended because it will optically lengthen this area of ​​the body. Theoretically, anyone can wear it, but the depth of the indentation should be chosen carefully. If it is too shallow, it may give the impression that the head is cut off from the rest of the body. However, it is not recommended for large women, as it may give the impression of a larger figure. Patterned dresses look beautiful with such a cut. This is a classic neckline, often used in simple dresses from the 1920s. Success lies in simplicity, this cut is seemingly ordinary and at the same time very feminine.

Half turtleneck

High neckline - it would seem that every woman would look great in it. It covers everything, we do not expose those parts of our body that we are not satisfied with. Nothing could be further from the truth, fashion has its own rules. And as we mentioned at the beginning - there are no universal things, because each of us is different. The same is true for a dress with a high neckline. It is absolutely not suitable for women with ample shapes. If you have a short neck, avoid this type of ending on your dress like the plague. However, women with a long neck, narrow shoulders and medium-sized breasts will look great in a turtleneck. Ladies who feel good in turtleneck sweaters are encouraged to read about them branded sweaters in our store's offer.

We have presented the types of necklines to make it easier for you to choose dresses and blouses that will highlight your assets and hide the parts that you are not particularly satisfied with. Don't be too critical of yourself, you are not a puzzle of better and worse elements, but a beautiful whole. The right outfit will bring out your natural beauty, but it is only a decoration of your femininity, which begins in your head. More self-confidence and you will shine like a star in the salon, regardless of the neckline you choose :)

July 11, 2023