It is not an exaggeration to say that every man should have a well-tailored suit. Most often used occasionally, it can also be worn every day, not necessarily completely. Often, just a jacket is enough to achieve a masculine, elegant style in a slightly looser version. Check out the offers from the Guess, Antony Morato and Xagon brands and complement your wardrobe with a perfectly tailored jacket that will perfectly match the circumstances.

The frock coat - this is where today's jacket comes from. Knee-length, strong decorations and optical enlargement of the chest characterized the English style, which prevailed until the first decade of the 20th century. It was then that strict dress codes were established, which included the suit we know today. It consisted of creased trousers, a vest and a jacket (already in a short version). The first jackets had a stiff front and a high waist. The single-breasted suit was created especially for riders, so the last button was not buttoned. From 1925, the appearance of jackets began to change rapidly. People began to turn a blind eye to the formality associated with suits and more and more casual cuts, colors and patterns were used. Over time, jackets ceased to be only formal attire, which can still be seen today.

Men's fashion houses produce various jackets, the cut and material of which are determined by the use. Day and evening jackets are made of wool, sports jackets are made of cotton, corduroy and linen. In terms of cut, manufacturers' offers include jackets in every style - super slim, slim fit or regular, which differ in how they fit the figure. The collar is also important - the open collar can be found on day and sports jackets, while the pointed collar is used in the evening version or in a tailcoat. The character of the jacket is also determined by the cut - day jackets have two slits, sports jackets - one, in the case of evening jackets they may have two slits or, like a tuxedo, no slits at all.

The jacket can be combined with various colors and patterns of trousers. A very interesting solution is contrasting. For example: black trousers with a cornflower blue jacket will look extremely stylish. Additionally, the jacket can successfully act as a jacket on colder days. It goes perfectly with a sweater, but if you don't need an additional layer under the jacket , it's worth choosing a single-color T-shirt without patterns. Wearing a jacket and jeans is also very popular. This popular combination allows you to achieve a semi-elegant style if the trousers are uniform and do not have any abrasions or other additional features.

July 11, 2023