Twinset is one of the hottest clothing brands on the market. Each subsequent collection reflects current trends. All thanks to the courage with which subsequent concepts are implemented. The history of Twinset dates back to the early 1990s, when the married couple Simona Barbieri and Tiziano Sgarbi decided to change the world of fashion. The location where they started their adventure with creating the brand, Italian Capri, is famous for its designers, and the textile industry has always held a strong position there.

Twinset - original styles for self-confident women

Mark Twinset from the beginning, it was addressed to energetic and original women, aware of their needs and strengths. Romanticism, boho, or maybe a bit of the big city? These seemingly contradictory trends were perfectly woven into subsequent collections, as well as parallel lines. The famous showroom in Milan is a place where many fashion lovers would love to visit, but the brand's products are now present all over the world. In Poland, you can order them conveniently, safely and online in our store, taking advantage of high discounts on fashionable, selected clothes and accessories.

An Italian couple from Capri who are behind the success of the Twinset brand , knows perfectly the expectations of its target group. The clothes are not only fashionable, but above all comfortable and made of high-quality materials. Stylish emphasis on beauty makes every girl or woman feel very comfortable in the Twinset brand. The fashion for airy dresses, expressive bell bottoms or simple combinations of intense colors is the definition of the clothes of the Italian fashion house. Separate proposals for girls also show the direction set by designers. The brand is not afraid to focus on classic solutions, defining the style in women's fashion for decades - jeans, cotton or other high-quality materials. Selection of products from the offer Twinset allows you to complete the so-called total look. The brand's greatest advantage seems to be unwavering quality, combined with keeping up with current trends.

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In collections Twinset you will find not only clothes - sweaters , shirts, trousers and jackets - but also practical and styling-enhancing accessories. Browse the products below and take advantage of high discounts of up to several dozen percent. We provide safe and free shipping. Although the brand has its roots in Capri and is associated with Milan, it can be an element of Polish women's outfits, not necessarily by visiting a stationary headquarters. Complete a set of fashionable and comfortable clothes Twinset! The store at invites you to shop!